Thursday, 9 April 2009

Reception at InterArt Gallery, NY

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  1. Anna Ravliuc has become a powerful impressionist, and chose the world of the Human Body as her another realm within
    which to communicate…

    Anna approaches very cautiously the matter of oil painting technique knowing that only in this way she can assure a long future life to her works. She has long studied the old masters technique, afterward applying it in her works.

    She has rediscovered for herself the beauty of multi-layered painting which gives unusual depth to her works, purity, and brilliance to her colors.

    In order to achieve vividness and freshness of her paintings she works very quickly in the beginning, to return later with additional layers of paint and varnish to add new tint and meaning to colors, for tempering or stressing the general effect and for emphasizing the feelings her paintings convey…