Thursday, 5 March 2009

Reception at Agora Gallery, NY

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  1. Timeless and soulful, the paintings by Anna Ravliuc can transport the viewer to a magical realm of beauty, terror, and rebirth. Melancholy skeletons, totemic figures, magnificent horses, and ancient symbols populate the world of Ravliuc’s seemingly boundless imagination. With oil and varnish on canvas, she crafts her multi-layered pastiche with a tactile approach that includes scratching, paint spatter, colorful pattern work, and a brilliant, painterly sense of texture. “I was inspired by pagan traditions and prehistoric legends of our ancestors,” explains Ravliuc. “The theme of good and evil, life and death is still forceful even nowadays.” Her paintings display a thespian appreciation for allegory; each element works in harmony with the next. Ravliuc’s fertile symbols include crowns, planets afire, barbed wire and theatrical costumes, every work imploring a personal interpretation from the audience.