Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Shadow Songs of Forgotten Ancestors (next month)

Early in the spring, when ice was cracking and breaking on the rivers, my ancestors used to offer a sacrifice to the spirit of the river – Vodyanoy. In frosty midnights of February, they were bringing him a black horse, decorated with colored ribbons; people coated its head with honey and then drowned the horse in the depths of the river… Another legend recounts that on the New Year’s Eve, Fate turns into a White Horse and wanders from place to place, looking through people’s windows and hearts.  


  1. ...And at the midnight of Ivana Kupala (St. John’s Night, June 24th), fern is blooming. Whoever finds it will be blessed with all earthly riches and will be able to understand the talk of animals and birds… But to find blooming fern can only a human being with crystal-clear soul and kind thoughts. But finding blooming fern is only possible for an untainted and pure soul.

  2. If I can not find the magic fern, I will be happy to find a small piece of art created by Anna Ravliuc, that shows me a picture of her soul. That would be worth trading for any earthly treasure.