Friday, 2 January 2009

Shadow Songs of Forgotten Ancestors

A human being is like a tree. It’s not by chance that the symbol of a family tree reached present days through the thickness of centuries. Roots – ancestors, branches – children, flowers – grandchildren. Each of us carries information on their origins. 

I want to tell my future grandchildren the legends of my homeland. I want to sing them the lullabies that my grandmother used to sing, I will dress my granddaughter in embroidered costumes that my mother used to wear when she was a young lady. I will tell them why my grandfather was sentenced to death by Communists and about the nightmares of the Gulag that my father lived through.

1 comment:

  1. Through my paintings, I wish to remind people about eternal truths, which have been forgotten in turmoil of the present time. With my colors, I want to revive our sacred dreams and desires, which faded in our memory. With my lines, I want to make your hearts sing once again…