Friday, 2 September 2005

Reception at the Parliament of Romania

Anna held her personal exhibition at the Parliament of Romania. The size of the building occupies second place in the world, allowing Pentagon to reside on the first place.

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  1. From the first glance it's revealed that the fine artist Anna Ravliuc approaches different subjects in her artworks: not only clowns and harlequins emerge from her canvases, but also gypsies, angels, demons and musicians come to light.

    However, all her paintings show a vivid interest for dramatic nature of human figure, managing to illustrate a human being in existential hypostasis. Ranging from tragic to satirical, Anna’s personages are emphasized by their own original musicality.

    Anna Ravliuc succeeded in developing her unique style, centering it upon the art of the Expressionism. Therefore, her personal painting technique clearly detaches her from everything that has been created in this area of fine art.